Wednesday, May 5, 2010

we have been playing celestial luna for just a couple of months, some are pioneers but we donate more than 700+$ (all of us) and we never had a chance to use our premium points coz it was wipe. it was brandons idea to wipe the server and its not by accident. together with soji they plan it. meanwhile soji tries to scam us AGAIN, he did want us to send him 500 for a package deal of:

10,000 edited stats and skillpoints
1,000,000 premium points (which he say is unlimited lol)
+15 items together with imba stats like 20%attack power in one ring
all costume even those we cant buy on itemmall
and to top it all "he has our back" (but not until now coz we know they will ban us for telling this)

we refuse for 500$ so he goes from 500 to 250, we act like we are interested and he even say "donate to me and not to brandon so i can have the money and not the celestia which brandon is only intrested in flyff" (too bad CL players your not the priority of brandon). soji even use someone to make hes scam plan go, he used "chibi" so for all players dont trust soji, he's full of crap and sweet words but hes a scammer. he got favoritism and ban you for now reason if he dont like you or ban you if one of hes friend says coz you did something wrong on hes friends. (what a gm hahaha noob gm)

to brandon, the admin who is up for money only and do wipeouts and plan like bringing down some maps so when he wipe he can say server is down and cannot be fixed. he even email us about getting a edited character also just donate to him but as you donate to him you will not get premium points coz it is straight to hes pocket. dont act as innocent brandon and soji, we try to talk to you in a good manner but you left us with no choice. we dont know about reidhwan but if soji doesnt like him, he must be ok and can be trusted but be careful still. yes, its true soji says he doesnt want reid coz he intercept all hes plan and SCAM haha!

some would say we just say this because they didnt do what we want but the truth is they want us to donate again for them...then they will wipe it again and say its a server problem but it wasnt. and this server will soon be down thats what they others say so stop spending in this crap game just play but dont donate its a waste of money if you still want to play.

even players you guys know are quit because of this: "Razamastazhe","kureii","cepheus","xcrimsonFury or CrimsonFury" and others (thay say they will quit but this is the reason)

play if you like but dont donate,or dont waste time to a game that will be wipe again..


  1. Sooo, seems the proof of shit head's bullshit is out, lol $350 is enough to pay a month. it does take a lot to run a server, but thats the chance you take when you run a server. Obviously shithead needs to gtfo of private servers, because he totally forgot the concept of it.

  2. You are a fucking idiot. You have not hosted Celestia Luna, nor do you know anything about the internals of our setup.

    $350/mo does not pay our server bills, maybe it can pay for your tiny server (actually, last I checked it was hosted at Dan's house) but when you run 2 large mmorpg servers (and so much more coming) it a lot takes more.

    If you had ANY idea about our infrastructure you would shut your fucking mouth.

  3. hmm, shit head is crying, nah wouldn't want to host a fail server. To much work to fix the fail host's failures at it.

    Either way, good luck at failing ;).

  4. Lol. A fail Host with a failing server. how cute. and let me guess? you justify selling edited characters/stats/items because it cost sooooo much to run the server. Well if you were doing a decent job of it, the money would come naturally but even then you fail at it, server's been down for how long? Since saturday? and only now you're coming online to check? Pathetic Brandon. And because you and Soji are deadset in your ways, you'll always be destined to fail. But enough about that.

    Good luck trying to worm your way out of the mess you made. Toodles <3

  5. Ps. Ill especially love it when you try to explain out of that email stating that you'll give that player their item mall points back. I thought you lost all that info. <3

  6. I couldn't agree more, instead of spending the time crying and being butthurt over what we say, get working, and make your server better, LOL, wait that will never happen your too stubborn to see the error in your ways.

    o well, off I go, dinner is waiting for me to eat it.

    om nom nom nom

  7. Wow, you are all fucking stupid.

    If you knew ANYTHING about the leaked Luna Online server files you would know they cannot handle my servers population. You would also know that they are filled with buffer overflows that cause random crashes, blackouts, etc under heavy load. You would also know that the server TRASHES the SQL server under these high loads as well, enough to slowly destroy the SQL servers HDD.

    Oh wait, no you wouldn't know that because your server is no where nearly as popular as mine. You can talk all the shit you want, but if your server was even near the size of mine it would be on it's knees.

    I'd also like to point out that even after a full server wipe + all this downtime, we still have a bigger community than you do.

    I really enjoy reading your comments, they make you look like such a fucking idiot.


  8. Retards everywhere... People who obviously know nothing about running game servers bitching about spending their money on games... and whining when they break, hey faggots, thats what shit does, it breaks, no one is trying to cheat you, YOU'RE the ones trying to justify your own stupidity by making this blog and commenting like retarded lab rats.

  9. Nabs... nabs... NABS!!!

    You guys are all fucking nabs.

    QQ more bitches.

  10. Typical.

    I imagine you would do the same if you had nearly as many players as Celestia Luna. Which from your mediocre server I can see you never will. Your blatant incompetence shows not just in your agnosis in the required monetary expenditures of a large server, but in your disregard for basic grammatical rules. You are nothing but a disgruntled player who doesn't understand the meaning of a donation. A donation has no inherent obligation to be refunded nor does it mean an exchange. You fail to realize that this is all an error on your behalf and, in place, you place the blame on someone who provided the service to you. The wipe was not a planned event and I am very sure that you will regret making such accusations against Celestia Games.

  11. When me and Celestia Luna got together, you couldn't stand Luna. But now you coming into my house, cookin' up chicken tetrazzini! What is it, do Luna want him and his chicken tetrazzini?

    I don't know what he do with his chicken tetrazzini but Luna love it. Luna love it!
    Raztamastache can cook but I know he seducing my MMO with your chicken tetrazzini!

  12. Celestia is just for the money, Brandon doesn't give a shit about you guys, he never has, and never will. Hes in it for the money, that is all. If you want to sit and defend him, then be my guest, it only means you lost the true value of gaming, and the true reason behind private servers. Honestly I hate it when people lose the value of gaming, it just makes them weak, and not enjoyably to be around, look at Brandon. He has his head so far up his ass, he can't respect anyone who thinks hes wrong and he will attack at anyone who says the smallest thing about him or his server.

    Hes thinks hes on top of the world, and he don't care who he steps on to get there. Damn, Brandon, you should really be a business owner, might actually make something of yourself.

    Hes lost the value of gaming, i don't think he will ever gain it back, hes too engulfed in the money to see the error in his ways.

    sure Celestia may grow and keep growing, but that is just because of the amount of players already there.

    Celestia is established, and has a loyal player base, who are for the most part all unaware of Brandon's deceitful ways, or they just turn their head, because they stay there for their friends.

    Celestia fails in a way that can not be repaired. The host is the greatest asset for Celestia, but at the same time, the worst part about it.

    Celestia will be the fall of itself. No one else will make Celestia fall, and the bigger they are, the harder they fall, and sometimes the easier they crumble.

    Good Luck with what ever the future unfolds for you Brandon, I hope you don't disappoint your players anymore, makes a hell of a reason to leave when the host can't even give a shit about their players.

  13. Brandon, I respect you because you started a server that did indeed make it big, but I can't respect you for the disrespect I have had since I first spoke with you.

    You also gave up to quick, and said things were impossible to fix, some players realized you had just given up, you had no intention to fix it, rather it was just a burden on you now, and they moved on, to other games or to other servers.

    I only assume Flyff has the same feel to it as well now, you probably given up on that as well, and maybe you started working on another server, maybe not, I am unsure, and frankly could care less about it.

    You have no right to talk about how successful you are, because without the staff you started with, you would have never made it big.

    Also, DDoS attacking is your specialty, I like it when ppl like you are unsportsmanlike, just makes you look weak, and afraid of us. Frankly you can keep that look, it suits you well.

    Try to take us down all you want, lol, you just wasting your time, we are not going anywhere, but you my friend, you will only push your players away, and you alone will succeed at that.

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  15. hi*

    Do not know what the problem with riot (athens) and Brandon (CelestiaLuna) .-
    should think that those who remain on the server CelestiaLuna 1 .- that despite all the things they like to play on that server and it matters little whether they should be cleaned over and over again .-
    2 .- is decision of players, users .-

    Now I come to deny that athens has no problems that I've tested four servers, Luna Online, and they all have the same problems and athens is not saved, to say that I fall Loge and 6 times, maps fall, I'll stuck on the map, I have arrived late item, I have lag on all maps ... etc, so to exaggerate both the situation?
    if they have a personal problem you solve it, but users do not bother because they already have enough with all this situacion.-must think you can argue all they want but above all must care for its users because without users no existing server .-
    This leads to the same users to confront each other when were once friends, who come to the insults before being played and laughed together .- unfavorably not only allow two servers even if not that also mean that users are unhappy with reactions of both .-

    not everything is rosy, not everything is so well It Works even if the large number of users or have more updates and things like runs than the other but whether they should take care of loyal users who follow so please make the cut a little show that I suppose they are adults and the truth is that this show otherwise .-
    Finally have the courage to denounce this in a place that is valid for this blogspot will be a few more days in the past and all that you've set no one will remember, remember that the generations go by and they get new users and by then it will have no value whatsoever .-

    Those who stay in CelestiaLuna do not put a gun to stay and other servers that are idle are free to do, but you always leave the door deve wide, since you came on the day of tomorrow you never know what happens, as well as knowledge to users complaining and throwing insults CelestiaLuna, a few days on the server are happy and content .. entoces who understands? .-

    many users are loyal to both server:) by the end no one is required or there is a law which says you can only play one or do you denounce LunaOnline .-

    hopefully you understand that we, the users also get bored of all this .-

    thanks and regards .-

  16. Brandon got a lot of time fucking up in this blog where his crime is exposed.. instead of talk a lot why dont u manage your server well.. no update for being down for so long ? not even a word, just a single post from days ago and still no word at all until now ? your GM is all messed up and abusing power.. server already down for 1 day and reidhwan just come up just to say he doesn't has any idea (well at least he come up and talk something) but YOU are not saying anything until 2 days reidhwan post on the forum... and what, the server is still down until now for a week =o

  17. yeah donation may not be refunded, but what happened is not donation but buy-sell transaction.. If you guys have been in a situation where donation and receive some token of appreciation, it is normal. some example is when people buy food worth 5 bucks but because its for donation or charity, the food cost 10 bucks.. it is normal.. but what brandon did was not really a donation. he sell modified stat !!!!! by that he already broke the rule he put on his own

    4. No unfair advantages over players. For example, staff members handing out rare items or massive amounts of gold to players. It is acceptable that they hand out small gifts, such as glasses or an EXP scroll to help them feel welcomed to the server.

    SEE HOW THAT UNFAIR ADVANTAGE GIVEN ?? and everyone don't care about donation shit, they want the premium point or edited stat for their character, its like selling food for donation but the food is non-edible. its non other than SCAM AND FRAUD...

    brandon,, just fix up your fuck up server and fuck up GM.. other thing is yes i don't know about server managing and i don't give a damn about it, what i know is your team is so incompetent in satisfying customer.. how about all the donation given ? and you give all the donator all this crap ? complaining about how hard is server managing and so-on..

  18. Yeah agree.. Last update was last christmas.. they don't fix the bugs (they don't even try) they only know how to ban people without even doing anything!? LOL celestia luna only stood that long because of loyal players.. old players who has lots of friends ingame... and for new players they look at the no. 1 private server and they find celestia, thats why more players are coming in, but doesnt really stay long coz of you're fucking GM SOJI. Yeah SOJI was never a good GM, he ban players who argue with him even if hes the wrong one, he ban players who his "PETS" wants him to ban. And those "GM PETS" are afraid to transfer to another server or game coz they wont be "pets" anymore :(... they wont have "special power" anymore... ahahaha so yeah GL to you're fucked up server and GM coz you really need that hahaha

  19. LOL this funny shit!!!!
    I think I got to take Athens side cause I believe they care more for their server than celestia.......
    way too much hackers on celestia XD its hacker world there ;p
    plus i heard that if athens server wipe you account stays and your donation points come back but your characters disappear....
    Anyways only reason I still play Luna is for the players not the game.
    Why I still on Athens is cause my guild with most my friends is there.
    My guild on celestia got destroyed, I was very sad about this..
    If celestia continues to wipe their server they will not have anymore players because all the players will be losing $....
    Plus now celestia has bigger enemy than Athens to worry about, because they are number 1 private luna server.. That is offical servers korea,japan and thailand...

  20. Brandon so proud talking about how big the community inside celestial luna is.. Let's provide him some tragic fact.. me just like most people, play there just because of word from my frens mouth, and we doesn't choose pick celestialuna because we think it's the best private server, it's simply because we need a private server to play, and honestly we pick celestialuna because its sounds more cool if we compare to athens luna NOT because your server is so good.. and we play there and having high lvl char... guess what, server is having so many problem and the admin not doing much.. we choose to stick there just because we already made friends there.. how about all the bug and everything ? said doing everything in your power, work so hard, and all drama about how hard it is to fix it... hellow,, how many months already ? how many years would it take ? oh yea, CL is broken already well i guess there is no need for further bug-fix

  21. i don't give a damn shit about this i just want to play, but both athens and celestia were down :'(

  22. Yoh! This is Banana Man from CelestiaLuna :D
    i just want to say... that Sgx_Alone post in this blog is not the real sgx_alone (Aina).

    I agree from rougedoll post (btw, i like your piercing):D i think its time to stop this fight/quarrel/envy/misunderstanding or whatever you call this shit! :D because it will lead to nowhere and no one is gonna win in this argument :D

  23. i so sad.... because can't play the CL... i just want to say: Gm brandon please fix the CL amd we will wait until the CL is fix.I wish you the best of you GM brandon. and i forget to say happy birth day to you my lovely Gm ^_^ LoL

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  25. not if I explained poorly or fail We understand ¬ ¬

    As a user, I have not contributed anything to the server in monetary terms, since a server is "free" that the download is completely free, the record of my account is free ... the item in the server are the vast majority of the item drop or mail to CL main page that Pj is greater than my lvl 80 .- hence I can not demand something if I have not contributed anything for real currency server, as the vast majority of users are really few who donate real money or perhaps 100% of users are older and have a cash income? please! to speak? if the vast majority of users fall in the range of 8-17 years? WTF! and are students .-

    people who donate real money seems to have not been informed as they should go so that you can repay .-

    1 .- You must inform the bank where you own Internet transaction agreement with the transaction of a certain page is not valid because it takes time to fall thus do not have what you bought .-
    2 .- paypal is the same, you must report back by claiming on a server .-
    3 .- you must perform some management to get a response from the server as both parties are involved .-

    not both claim that the CL server is down for a week, if athens is down since Thursday and no one at all: D, just hard now under 25 min ke no more WTF! to speak? can not access the mail item for the vote, so please people of Athens to settle their problems and stay out of server problems unrelated to you .-
    perhaps are not happy about the number of users who moved to your server with the illusion of being able to play? and can not play WTF! Sorry, but do not spit into the sky that falls on your face!

    CL users do not go and register athens forum to insult, but those in athens if they do and by what right? if they are in the same circumstances ?.... osea take control, is a game, a server "private" fairly and do not pay anything to play, or download, is not put lansan insults that do nothing constructive, only breeds hate .-

  26. i dont know if sgx_alone of CL commented on this blog but i coudnt agree more..they put up a rule stating that "no discrimination of race,gender.....and so on" but he, SOJI, break that particular rule...
    very disrespectful for their players.
    how can u stay much longer if CL staffs treats their gamers/players like that?
    come on!
    comparing the 2 communities, i prefer "less people but professionals" than "more people but idiotic attitude"..

  27. lool i wish i was a part of this scam i said that wrong xD lol JK PEACE

  28. not that im on brandons's "side" or anything... but yeah having 2 over populated server is really a big job....and not tham im on riots "side".. why do u have to scam if u have a enough cash to pay the bills for the server everymonth?

  29. brandon why do u have to scam** typo on the first part >.<

  30. simple reason, why do you want more money ? we don't need reason to not want extra money, do we ?

  31. Athens Is The Best.. For The Example Mybe our Server got laggy or maps down..
    But, Our Staff Always taking care seriously and fastly. And Our STAFF NEVER ASKING FOR MONEY!
    Play with RESPECT and HONOUR!
    Athens Player: EroSennin

  32. LOL! Stupid...
    Celesia with their fucking asshole GM n Admin
    Athens : Difficult too download (Shhhit!)

  33. athens jajajaja no asking for money! speaking please? if Athens does not have some item as CelestiaLuna .- not sure all of you have not even 0.01% for that for a visa in a country must be of age and must prove income lols!

    not so much talk about administrators and the state of server if Athens is in the same conditions as Luna Celestia xDDDDD! and another 2 servers .- Luna Online
    and say they are more respectful and have a more effective job? WTF!
    now 14 player online o.o? and if you can get all the people that there is Luna Celestia with his nickname, Clan and Families, Athens authenticated and has no identity that are lodging in CelestiaLuna .-

  34. ohh men i can't understand what the poster above me is saying... but oh well i agree with steven, gms and admins in athens work hard to fix their server if down, while in celestia...nvm, almost everyone knows it already... go ahead defend them, they're probably just letting time pass and pretending to fix the server but in the end they will wipe it or worse, shut it down completely.

    PS. pls make your comment more "understandable"

  35. Well, lol, I love how Brandon so desperately defends or attempts to defend himself. Celestia is corrupt and always has been. You would have to be blind not to see everything that goes on, or would have to be a part of it in which would make you then not care. It has been, and probably will always be, about the money. The server is not cared about, players ignored. There is very little if any effort put in by the admin, where is he anyways? Oh yeah, he only pops up days of attacks on other servers. Other than that he's a bit MIA. With the amount of money that comes in from Celestia donations and this scam nonsense, one could easily fix the server. If you can't then you don't know what the hell you are doing, why run it at all. Oh yeah thats right. Money. There's been no updates, things are promised but never given. The horrible state of the server is compensated desperately by things such as events. Certain players are treated badly by gms. Players claim to be hacked. But back to the point, had there been an admin who gave a crap this would not have happened. After the wipe players lost everything, and all that was given was boosted exp. It is true that donations are given to benefit the server in some way, but oh the server was not helped by those donations at all now was it. And it is very possible to look up paypal emails and past info to do something like compensate points. It would take a very long time but it was possible. Lastly, do you really need to come on here and insult people. Really, you sound childish. Well now some people know the type of person you are.

  36. @rougedoll >> your post show how stupid you are so u better be quite... yes in athens now the things are bad but the GM and the owner update us DAILY, they promise to fix the server up and give update when there is one and they did it.. CL ? brandon show up after 2 days CL has been down and only say got bla bla bla bla, i will update you guys BUT the reality is quite cruel.. more than 1 week server is down and no UPDATE given.. what the crap.. and with the 14 players online ? hellow,, its server DOWN.. noone inside the game.. same like CL >>> 15 player ONLINE..

  37. @Zomb3_date -► jajajaj! stupid? These refer to me with more respect, because I have never insulted, ok have a little .- Education .-
    I say to you to understand is that you both claim and argue in the end both servers are down and if CL is below the CL, but users are not like those who only insult and also fall into the ignorance of not knowing channel the issue of donation .- so I come to say that your comment is more relevant, because if you think so? sorry but these quite wrong:)

    not required if both end users are playing and are in LA and doing here wasting time? claiming in a space that has no relevance to the final? also require, complain, and throw insults and are unable to stand up and call you right to the GM?

    Please be more sanity .-

    do not play and do not let that mentality to play a more healthy xD .-

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  39. I understand the positions of all those who feel offended by CL, but the only thing we ask is that we do not insult us because we are just users and not our fault that this all in such a way, I understand that some could be upset the subject of the donation but that's an issue that should not be in this blogspot that really do not take anything .-

    what has us dull is the insult, the spam, the trick for us and we do nothing with you .-
    so please play safely in LA and money issues or fraud, watch them in a place that is really worth .. why not have a solution here for more than cry for more than insult .-

  40. Why argue about this when its the players decision to stay or leave CL after looking at this. Really all this arguing is a waste of time.
    Also Brandon i notice u didn't say anything about what this person posted on the blog. So does that mean your as guilty as he say?(no need to comment on this) But really you guys just going off topic.

  41. All I can say is:Fuck you Brandon" that's it

  42. Quite funny to read back on this after some time has passed. Who's laughing now?

    Athens now has the numbers that the now defunct Celestia once had, and although not perfect, can maintain without resorting to having to run an imbalanced server by selling edited items and cheating our members.

    We have also taken the time to actually fix some of the things deemed "impossible" to fix because others were too lazy or ignorant to figure out. We have also taken the time to get new content working with the same leaked files that everyone has already been using.

    I'll be the first to admit, Athens is nowhere near perfect, but we definitely work a lot harder to make sure that we do everything we can to make things better and will continue to do so as long as we can,

    I am not looking for another server war or grudge match, but I do have to laugh at how everything all played out. Good luck on whatever the future of Celestia holds,


  43. ATHENSSS ROOCK. Dan, Riot, Silver, Index, Fluro all of them are so helpful and understanding and that why I love Athens to bad Brandon look who the loser now left in the dust next time u should learn how to shut ur big mouth since of course ur all talk. Athens cares about us the players and is growed sooo rapidly in the last 2 months. Continue to grow and work hard everyone from Athens Im fully support u guys :3


  44. Well then i guess the argument is over. Lets just all enjoy are time w/e we are(be it heaven,hell or on earth) life is short ppl so stop fighting and enjoy while u can.

  45. brandon you really need to shut the fuck up lmao and stop making shit up you server costs no where NEAR 350 dollars NEITHER DO you both bing stupid as fuck also brandon your server uses OpenSA for fucks sake its not that hard to check NIEHTER sever secures the datacenters also brandon ur a stupid fuck for 1 of 2 reasons

    A:)the server did really die and loase its 17 gig datavase WHICH IF YOUD BACKED IT UP WOULDNT BE A ISSUE U DIPSHIT



    either way ur a dumfuck dont try to dupe techfags u moron ull lose every fucking time

    lol@ur 15Eur/month server brandon

  46. also silvers correect they have fixed more then celstia ever fixed
    actually selstia never fixed anything
    its just useing base files with edited exp and edited material merchant

  47. LOOOOOOL!!!! Who started this rumor!! LMAO

  48. "What now?" A new server, asshole ;]

    Join Esuna Luna: we're bringing the gaming back to the players.

    P.S. eh...I kinda feel bad about banning ya Yuki, I kinda lost sight of the fact that by banning ya I threw ya to the dogs, and now ur one of em.

  49. kk please me, I'm in the same deceptive char named Cewekmanado .....

    kk tLoNg transfer my stuff again

    This name my char AndikaPrincesQuen

  50. I can't believe people are still posting about something, that happened like a year ago.

  51. hy brandon... i make a char clean for cheat...
    why HARY banned me..
    i hate HARY and Celes now...
    FUCK for HARY...
    i promise to u...
    if you do not like my ID
    I will make celes wipe out

    it is my promise to u..

    FROM..= JVxReborn

    Best regards


  53. hey brandon do not already lucky donk mercenary in his Celestia luna busy right .... dah fortunately it so much bought her donk hack shield should be proactive when kayak gini aja ... do not make a game of chicken butt

  54. umm why does celes luna have a lot of players?
    Becausee MOST of the players are from Indonesia and Indonesian players are stupid and most of them, like 80% of them dont understand english and I bet they don't even know what this blog is about even when they're reading them!
    They don't get it and just keep playing and eating every bullshit that the GMs said. If the GM said that the server fails, they believe it. If GMs said that the server crashed or something, even though it's planned, the indonesian just believe that the server's crashed without even questioning wheter they had been taken advantage of. And their lacking of english just didn't help.
    So they dont know what really is going on, that the owner of CL would wipe out anytime they feel like it.

  55. hah when I browse the servers were destroyed brandon GM Luna Online pake DDOS Athens until his charred server, because most people used to play envious in Athens online luna GM Celestia everything just thinking about money I do not have thought

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  57. Well well well, looks like CL is STILL number 1. I love how you guys all talked shit for so long but in the end you failed. <3

  58. I don't like to brag. But I did see it coming.

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  60. CL= fucked up staff(worst btw) ,fucked up community.

    Esuna= so so staff, but frank was fucked up. fucked up Server

    GfeLuna= fucked up server and community

    Gamenao Luna= everythn fucked up. cant belive i spent time here

    Athens/Silver= so so staff/ fucked up Server

    just statin my experince with my time on those servers :s

    -tofuboi aka tofugirl aka sefirosu aka zackfair aka mageulook aka injustice aka restinpieces aka holyknight aka mafioso aka stawbewy aka the list goes on and on and on...

  61. I agree. CL staff kinda sucks. Community is so so. Besides, Brandon has fixed so many bugs and create updated patcher.He has a anti-hack wall now or something like that. Auto-ban for hackers.

    But some of the Game Moderators do ban players unnecessarily. I do think their should be some kind of new staff, or some kind of interview and trial runs for new staff.

    And if you have ever donated. Possibly you haven't. Brandon doesn't care about the money, he created many different options and methods to donate, not only through PayPal, but also through SMS from Zong. He also has free surveys for some decent premium points.

    Please don't make rumours just to boost your server. I can see it. Just let people choose what they want and don't make false facts about other servers. There will come a time where other servers will boost to number 1. But as for the moment, Celestia is great.

  62. You know what makes me laugh in this that, as I read it more, people only seem to talk about how CL sucks and how Brandon and his staff sucks. It's becoming more clear to me now, you shit heads are jealous of such a successful server and your tiny gay server can lick CL's wirery components, cuz that's what makes his server better than your stupid Athen's or Esuna what ever server you have.
    As Brandon said before...Your server can't handle the amount of pressure that CL gives, and your server will be on it's knees xD
    Fucking sore losers, get a life or keep playing your stupid server cuz that's just make you as stupid as our stupid Indo players. I do agree Indo's should speak some fucking correct english *idiots*
    Anyway you can't spread such foolish rumours like this, it just makes all of you haters -against CL- look like such sore losers.
    If you don't like CL don't fucking play it or even criticize it. It's been top server for ages and you can't handle the competition, so you decide to sabotage with such weak wimps.

  63. now on a positive note.. il say what i think each server is good at

    cl=host server.


    athens/silver=content(2nd to esuna tho, esuna way better in this cat)

    gf=content(somewhat in par with esuna or better)

    naoluna= cant think of anytn good about this pc of shit of a sever sry :/

  64. geez.. i remember i was reading these shit last year..

    that's true if CL got any bad comments, but that's only because the shittiest GM/Staff doing their job..

    what is it ? CL stood till now but still never heard anything bout next patches like luna + ? u gotta be kidding me.. its just like ,"hey 100 - 150, just go for DD" WTH man.. if u gonna pulled all those players CL back, make sure u fix ur shit brandon..

    or u can keep banned all ppls who dont know and didnt do anything.. Good Luck with it xDD

  65. just play the god damn game. nerds just whine. mmorpg still a business. if you want to play decent . go play xbox and ps3 no one will bug you around. i dont defend that brandon guy but i think he made his role for the "USERS" = "GAMERS" to play the game. that is a service. even its bad or good still he owns it. just dont be whiners. you guys look losers on just a game.